DAM Algorithm

PROBLEM While working as a student with the Human Factors Team at Alberta Health Services, I was asked to assist in the design of a standardized algorithm that would guide physicians through completing a difficult airway management protocol. This would be used for training purposes as well as for procedures. STRATEGY Through consulting with membersContinue reading “DAM Algorithm”

Affectiva – Changing Space Through Adaptive Technology

PROBLEM  While working in Berlin for the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, I was tasked with researching and creating a solution to adaptive creative spaces. As I have taken an interest in non-verbal communication like body language and facial expressions, I decided to research into facial recognition. STRATEGY Affectiva provides free programming for personal andContinue reading “Affectiva – Changing Space Through Adaptive Technology”

Pathfinder – Navigating Public Transit For Those With Physical Challenges

PROBLEM  Through the ideation phase, I identified that a mobile application would be the most efficient way to notify the majority of Canadians about possible obstacles on their transportation route. My next step was to create a mock-up of what this application might look like.  STRATEGY Keeping usability heuristics in mind, I wanted to createContinue reading “Pathfinder – Navigating Public Transit For Those With Physical Challenges”

Unnecessary Testing in Pulmonary Embolisms

PROBLEM  After receiving feedback and test results from the paper prototyping, we continued with the design from the most successful wireframe. Using brand colours and images, we produced the final mock-up design.  STRATEGY The client, AARCS, was very pleased with the final design. We then passed along the work and final mock-ups to them toContinue reading “Unnecessary Testing in Pulmonary Embolisms”

Medical Device Reprocessing Department Study

PROBLEM While working with the Human Factors team at Alberta Health Services, I participated in a number of observations of current Medical Device Reprocessing Departments within Alberta to identify potential patient safety hazards or disruptions in workflow.  STRATEGY I assisted in creating an observation sheet that would look for potential hazards or disruptors, then observedContinue reading “Medical Device Reprocessing Department Study”