Travellers Journey Map


My goal was to familiarize myself with the transportation system in Calgary. While doing that, I wanted to identify identify the issues, stress points and problems that arise while taking public transportation. I chose to dive deeper into three factors people face while taking public transit: level of danger, opportunity for assistance and level of comfort. 


Through a number of surveys with both people with physical challenges and without, I recorded Calgarians level of comfort, possibility of danger and opportunity for assistance on three modes of transportation; C Train, Bus and Access Calgary. I completed these surveys electronically, asking participants to fill out a survey while taking public transportation through a Likert Scale. After facilitating the survey’s, I then asked participants to record any comments they’d like to add that they feel is important to note about the process.


By mapping this system, I identified the different parts of transportation and the level of comfort for each step. By identifying these steps and interviewing participants, I was able to identify the obstacles on a travellers route as the most challenging part of transportation. This also opened my eyes to different issues while taking public transportation.

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